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Half Lotus Bunting Free Pattern!

Hello Lovelies!


I finally finished the Half Lotus Bunting pattern. And now I offer it up to you, my sweet readers, for free. You can find it here, as a free download from Ravelry. What’s that? You don’t know what Ravelry is… well, you better get over there and check it out! It’s only the coolest thing to happen to knitters and crocheters since, I don’t know, this guys awesome knitting chair…


Please let me know how you like the pattern, and if you find any errors. This is my first crochet pattern, and I welcome your feedback.



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Half Lotus Bunting

Recently I’ve rediscovered my love of crocheting. And it’s come in the form of crocheted buntings, or garlands. I started with granny triangle buntings, which I am still loving, but have started branching out to other shapes as well. And today I worked up these little lovies that I’m calling the Half Lotus Bunting. It’s for a special mama I know…shhh, don’t tell my mom!

More finished pics and free pattern to come!


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Blue Monday :: 8

Polypod 2, originally uploaded by gooseflesh.

Happy Blue Monday!
I just thought this was too great to pass up.


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Blue Monday :: 6

TARDIS doily, originally uploaded by meredee.

Okay, okay, I know, it’s not Monday… but for Christmas this year, I really want a ride on the Tardis… If you get it, you get it, and you can’t make fun, because you’re a total dork, just like me. **smiles**

Merry Christmas!

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