my first socks!

Two thirds of the way into my first pair of socks and I am just smitten! They are adorable little bed socks that will be perfect with a pair of clogs… If only I hadn’t given my clogs away… Guess I’ll have to get another pair!

I’m using the Turkish Bed Socks pattern by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.


And now, the hunt for more fabulous sock yarn begins!


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2 responses to “my first socks!

  1. They look beautiful! Congratulations. That yarn is lovely, makes me want to pick up a pair of socks and start working on them.

  2. wimpie

    Hi there. I am from south africa.

    Im looking for someone who can please make a video for me on how to knit these socks.

    I have the pattern but no one can seem to help me.

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