Scrappies Down

Finished up the “newborn” sized scrappy longies that I was making from Mosaic Moon Cestari scraps…

Turns out this yarn is a much thicker worsted weight than the Araucania I originally wrote the pattern up in, so this pair ended up being a whole size bigger. It’s not really a problem, as the babe will probably be in smalls for a lot longer than newborns. Mostly I just have to keep it in mind for when I’m writing the patterns.

And speaking of writing patterns, I just signed up several pattern testers for this longies pattern, so the ball is really rolling now!

I also just got started on the next size up – medium.

If you’re interested in being a pattern tester for this longies pattern comment on this post and I’ll get you all set up.



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7 responses to “Scrappies Down

  1. Alicia

    Um, hello! Those are so cute, how could I not want to be a pattern tester? Girl, please.

  2. Hi Annie, Id be happy to test for you!

  3. Hi Annie! (That feels so weird to say; Annie is my name TOO!!) I may be a bit late on the up-take, but if you are still in need of a pattern tester, I’m TOTALLY your girl! A friend of mine just asked if I could knit her a few pairs of longies (which I had never heard of before) so I’m off scouring the internet when I come across your beautiful photos! And I figure, when I have kids of my own in cloth diapers down the road, this would be SUCH a helpful pattern to have in my library. Thanks for your consideration! I hope all is going well! 🙂

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