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Blue Monday : 1

november rain, originally uploaded by sew-mad.

Thought I’d steal a great idea from my favorite public radio station, KUT.

A lifetime ago I used to get together every Monday evening with my best lifeguard buddies to play cards and listen to Blue Monday – an amazing radio blues show. Those were good times…

In memory of those “good times”, I am starting a new thing here in my little blog world… Blue Monday. Every Monday I will post something blue from the wonderful world of fiber arts.

So, with no further ado… the first Blue Monday entry… “november rain”.

It was hard to pick just one from all the great shots I found out there, but since my toes are feeling a bit chilly right now, I thought I’d go with these lovely, swirly, very blue, knee highs.


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my first knit baby bunting

knit baby bunting, originally uploaded by

This is the first baby bunting that I ever knit… I loved it so much! I used Lamb’s Pride Bulky and then used some super soft mohair yarn to make the little hat and scarf… so sweet!

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Raspberries & Chocolate Baby Gnome

Woo boy! Being pregnant and chasing a toddler around sure does ware you out! Oh ya, so I’m pregnant… ***smiles***

Seeing as how I’ve not been getting too much new work done due to my new found exhaustion, I’ve decided to post a few photos from my archives of long lost work.

I made this sweet little gnome many years ago, and I am currently working on a pattern based off of this picture.

I’ll keep y’all posted on the progress of the pattern as it comes along.

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